Our Strategy

ARC’s vision is to be a leading energy producer, focused on delivering results through our strategy of risk managed value creation. Learn more about the pillars of ARC’s strategy and how they are applied to our business.

Financial Flexibility

ARC sustains a strong balance sheet and targets low debt levels, enabling the company to maintain financial strength and flexibility throughout commodity price cycles.

Operational Excellence

ARC strives to maintain a high standard of operational excellence that ensures health and safety, asset integrity and environmental responsibility are never compromised.  These objectives are accomplished through a focus on technical expertise, capital efficiency and aggressive cost management.

High Quality, Long Life Assets

ARC has built an asset base of large known hydrocarbon accumulations where the risk of finding hydrocarbons can be minimized.  Our unique suite of Base and Growth assets permits optionality through commodity price cycles.

Top Talent and Strong Leadership Culture

ARC's employees conduct business everyday in a culture of trust, respect, integrity and accountability, which is critical to ARC's ongoing success. We have a rigorous focus on attracting, developing and retaining the best and brightest talent in the industry.  As we grow, we will continue our active succession planning process to build leadership bench strength at all levels of the organization.